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TAUZIA Hotel Management developed the HARRIS as a hotel concept for business and leisure in the mid scale market. HARRIS Hotels & Resorts mark the new era of Indonesia transparency and efficiency. HARRIS aim to be more than just a hotel but a lifestyle.

In less than 10 years since the opening of 1st HARRIS hotel in Batam, TAUZIA and HARRIS have firmly established a culture of innovation in the design, marketing, and services. HARRIS is a good value for investment in the mid-scale market with a strong identity and very cost efficiency in the development. HARRIS could ensure a good return on investment on the right location and a smart financement.

TAUZIA and HARRIS value our potential owner as our first customer who should buy the idea of the concept and share the philosophy of HARRIS motto, Simple-Unique-Friendly. There will be the first guarantor of the concept and quality beside the success of one hotel. Rely first in the close relation between owner and operation, common vision of concept, then the way the hotel to be built and financed.

The strength of our relationship with our partners, owners, developers, it’s what we value the most. It’s a team work.

We are also dedicated to provide the resources needed to get your hotel up and running against the competition in its market. Start from the technical assistance which we value as the one of key factors in the success of the hotel, to ensure the consistency of the brand in the spirit and quality of construction. Then Sales & Marketing and Communication as another factor of success, and the last but not the least, since we are in the people business, it’s the Human Resources to ensure a smooth operation.

Thank you to our existing owners who put their trust in TAUZIA and its innovative “Simple-Unique-Friendly” concept for the past few years to make today HARRIS hotels & resorts, an Indonesia-born brand, one of the leading hotel chain in Indonesia.

You’re welcome to join our network to make your hotel as successful as the other Hotels and be part of this new era of Indonesia with young & trendy and efficient hotel. Please contact us at: A direct communication over the meeting will be the best way to create the foundation of a long and fruitful partnership.

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