Places of Interest

Adjacent to the famous Parahyangan University, the hotel's location provides convenient access to the legendary Jalan Cihampelas and Dago shopping areas, Cihampelas Walk shopping mall and Rumah Mode factory outlet.With stunning views of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain from the hotel's Sky Lounge.

Paris Van Java

2 km
Paris Van Java Resort Lifestyle Place (also known as Paris Van Java Mall) is a shopping center located in Bandung, West Java. This mall can be reached several minutes by driving from Tol Pasteur.
The mall, which was inaugurated in July 2006, is designed with natural open air shades as well as views of floating ornamental birds. Another factor that is the main attraction is the concept of a thick building with European design.

Cihampelas Walk

1 km
Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) is one of the luxury shopping centers in Bandung. Mall was established in 2004. This Mall is a different shopping place, clean and comfortable. It is indeed conditioned to provide comfort to visitors to be more comfortable to shop.
A walk in Cihampelas at noon, afternoon and evening will be different atmosphere. The lights from each of the outlets and the main building at night will provide a different atmosphere, not to mention the juntaian and windings of decorative lights that hung on the trees around Ciwalk outdoor.

Saung Angklung Udjo

4 km
Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) is a place that is a place of performances, a center of bamboo handicrafts, and workshops of musical instruments from bamboo. In addition, SAU has a goal as an educational laboratory and learning center to maintain Sundanese culture and especially angklung.

The Great Asia Africa

8.3 km
The Great Asia Africa offer the cultural educational tour where you can explore the cultures and see the miniatur of iconic landmarks of some countries from Asia and Africa.
This new tourist attraction located in Lembang also provide the traditional costume for you to take photos at their traditional houses, the restaurant that serves the specialty food from each countries and not to mention the souvenir shop which offers plenty of unique gift for you to bring home.
With Lembang’s cool mountain air and unique architectural buildings to experience, it is worth to bring your family to visit this one of a kind place.

Lembang Wonderland

11 km
Lembang Wonderland, just like the name will bring you the sensation of playground area just like Alice in the wonderland. This family destination is divided into 3 main part, which are the Magic Forest, Ice Cream Park and Sweet Feel, all offers the beautiful places to take photos and lots of children activities.
You might try to come to Lembang Wonderland at night and you will see the lights from all over area amaze you.