Places of Interest

The cheerful hotel is conveniently located near the city center and Simpang Lima and only 3 km from the Mayor’s Office, Tugu Muda and Kota Lama area.

Simpang Lima

750 m
Simpang Lima is a vast field at the heart of Semarang, the best place to stay if we want to enjoy the hustle bustle of the town life. There are many food stalls offering variety of Indonesian and Javanese foods.

Lawang Sewu

3,1 km
Lawang Sewu or Thousand Doors is a landmark in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, built as the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. The name comes from its design, with numerous doors and arcs. The building has about 600 large windows.

Tugu Muda

3,1 km
Tugu Muda is a monument built to commemorate the services of the heroes who have fallen in the Battle of Five Days in Semarang. It depicts the Tugu Muda fighting spirit and patriotism of Semarang residents, especially the youth who are persistent, self-sacrificing in high spirits maintaining the independence of Indonesia.

Masjid Agung

4 km
The Great Mosque of Central Java is a mosque in the city of Semarang, Central Java. It is one of the biggest mosques in Indonesia that was built on a 25-acres area and has capacity to more than 15,000 worshipers. The building process of the mosque was started in 2001 and finished in 2006.

Kota Lama

3,7 km
Kota Lama is also known as Little Netherlands. Established in the 18th century when Indonesia was colonized by Dutch, its location is currently separated from a residential area. The center of Kota Lama is Blenduk Church (Nederlandsch Indische Kerk). Built in 1753, the church is the oldest building in the area.

Sam Poo Kong

4,5 km
Sam Poo Kong also known as Gedung Batu Temple, is the oldest Chinese Temple in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Originally established by the Chinese Muslim explorer Zheng He (also known as Sanbao), it is now shared by Indonesians of multiple religious denominations, including Muslims and Buddhists, and ethnicities, including Chinese and Javanese.

Kreo Cave

13,7 km
Kreo cave located in Talun Kacang village, Gunungpati sub-district, about 25 km from the city of Semarang. The word “Kreo” comes from the word meaning Mangreho guard or watch. The word made ​​this cave called Cave Kreo and since then the herd of apes that inhabit this region are considered as a watchman.

Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara

13,4 km
Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara is a Buddhist monastery which was inaugurated in 2006 and declared by MURI as the highest pagoda in Indonesia. Watugong Buddhagaya monastery is located 45 minutes from the center of Semarang.