Best Things To Do for Weekend Getaway in Batam

4 Best Things To Do for Weekend Getaway in Batam

As the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Batam is a tourist destination that has everything for everyone to enjoy. The city offers a variety of attractions and activities to keep the tourists occupied for the rest of the visit.
From having a blast in a swimming pool, beach hopping, food hunting, and shopping, these activities will encourage you to explore Batam more. Thus, if you want to visit Batam for your weekend getaway, don’t forget to include these popular activities in your itinerary:


Food Hunting

If food hunting is your favorite pastime, make sure you include this activity when visiting Batam. Just like any other cities in Indonesia, Batam offers a rich culinary diversity. Many of them are also influenced by foreign culture such as Chinese, Arabian, and Malay. Hence it’s rather easy to hunt for international cuisine especially for foreign tourists who want to taste familiar dishes in unfamiliar cities.
Want to explore local foods? Why not try Batam’s signature dishes such as gong gong or edible and endemic sea snails and martabak? The city is also widely popular with tasty seafood like salted egg crabs, barbecued fish, large prawns, fresh oysters, and many more.


Shopping Spree

One of the must-do activities when in Batam is mall hopping. Shopping for toiletries, groceries, and treats will be a breeze since there are a lot of shopping malls for you to explore.
The biggest shopping mall in the city is Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall where you can find almost anything you need for the duration of your stay. There’s also BCs Mall and Mega Mall Batam Center if you want more preferences. Among tourists, especially foreign ones, Batam is known for its affordable goods, so you should make the most of it.


Water Activities

Longing in a swimming pool is no longer an option if you can enjoy many water activities or water sports in Batam. Plenty of water sports are available for you to learn like water skiing, cable skiing, parasailing, banana boat riding, kayaking, windsurfing, and more.
There’s also a unique water activity you can explore in Sea Forest Adventure, a theme park providing many kinds of water slides and floats as well as survival science and water adventure. It would be a perfect leisure spot to enjoy with your family.
Another thing that relates to water is the beach. Batam has plenty of wonderful beaches you can enjoy, from Turi beach, Viovio beach to famous islands that have beautiful beaches like Bintan and Galang islands, Abang island and Anambas island.



For you who love to enjoy the night, Batam also offers nice places to enjoy the nightlife like the Nagoya Entertainment District or the expats in the area usually call it NED which is full of pubs, bars and nightclubs with affordable prices of drinks.
With many activities you can do, not only those mentioned above, but there are still many more, it’s only right to deem Batam as an ideal weekend getaway. What’s more, your traveling journey will be perfect if you choose a perfect accommodation as well.
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