5 Things to Get The Most Out of Your Meetings

5 Things to Get The Most Out of Your Meetings

Holding a meeting is a crucial moment to ensure your business is thriving. Even though that’s the case, most meetings are time wastage and get nothing to accomplish. Eventually, your company will not only waste your time, but also money and other resources due to conducting a meeting that does not produce any result. At the end of it, the employees will also loath attending the meetings in the future. In order to avoid such unproductive and time sucker meetings, make sure you make the most out of your meetings by considering these five meeting essentials:


1.  Preparation

Before scheduling the meeting, make sure you know what you want to accomplish and set the goals. Once you have determined the purpose of holding those meetings, write a list of goals you want to attain from the meeting. Only then you can set the meeting framework, make an agenda, who you will invite, and keep you on track. When you have prepared everything for the gatherings, you can set a schedule for the meeting. Preparing in advance will avoid wasting your time and everyone you are invited to the meeting.


2.  Make an Agenda

Create an agenda that will reflect and reinforce your meeting goals. This agenda will contain the key information, action items, and time allocation to discuss each issue in the meeting. Make certain you don’t overstuff the agenda, meaning just jot down four to 10 key initiatives, including:
  • Meeting time and date
  • Attendees
  • Meeting purposes and desired goals
  • Location
  • Preparations the attendees should make before the meeting
This agenda should be sent out at least a day before the meeting is due so the attendees will know what to prepare and expect.


3.  Meeting Style

Basically, meeting style includes consensus decision, information share, and creative discussion. Each style comes with a different purpose. For instance, creative discussion usually revolves around a brainstorming session in which the attendees toss out ideas with the final decision will be out at a later date. Therefore, determine your meeting style before you hold a meeting so the attendees will know what to expect and how they should position themselves in the meeting.


4.  Determine the Timeline

You have goals in mind, but you also need to determine the deadlines of when the goals will be accomplished. If the timeline escapes from the purpose of holding the meetings, then most likely the attendees will not be on the same page.


5.  Encourage Participation

In order to have a successful meeting, you should encourage participation and keep the attendees engaged. For a start, you could start dialogue with quiet people or newcomers then go around the table. Encourage them to give you the feedback and throw ideas. Ensure there’s no distraction in the meeting, meaning restrict the use of cell phones or laptops outside the meeting purposes so they will be on track and are able to participate.
A productive meeting will make your business thrive. You can accomplish such meeting by making the most of the meeting. It’s even easier to achieve if you choose the perfect meeting venue that will give you what you need in such function. HARRIS Hotels meeting venue and events will provide you with the best facilities you can expect to have a pleasant meeting experience. From casual and formal meetings to more elaborate events, HARRIS Hotels offer a selection of meeting rooms in various sizes and facilities to suit your functions.