4 Reasons on Why You Should Definitely Have Your Wedding in Bali

4 Reasons on Why You Should Definitely Have Your Wedding in Bali

Bali’s beauty has successfully attracted many people in the world to explore the island. Not only that, the Island of Gods also attracts couples who want to celebrate their weddings surrounded by mesmerizing tropical sceneries and exotic culture. The fact that Bali is known as a romantic destination within Asia makes couples, both local and international ones, are drawn to the island. That’s why they are constantly on the hunt for a perfect Bali wedding venue for their big day. If that has yet to convince you to celebrate your wedding in Bali, let’s check out the following reasons on why you have to hold your wedding there:

1.  Beautiful Scenery

Bali is the true definition of paradise. It’s a whole package deal where you can have gorgeous accommodations, distinct culture, exotic jungles, vibrant restaurants, deserted beaches, epic sunset setting, etc. These perks are what you will get if you want to have an outdoor Bali wedding venue. Just keep in mind about the rainy season which usually starts around November until March.

2.  Double as a Honeymoon Destination

You will easily get into honeymoon mode as there are an endless option of locations that will excite your honeymoon experience even more. Remember, Bali has handfuls of beautiful villages, beaches, hotels, and resorts. While at it, why not have a little more adventure with your partner by diving and snorkeling in the nearby islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan? In the island, you will not only get the best Bali wedding venue, but also an on point destination for your honeymoon.

3.  Natural Ambience

Lush greeneries, blue seas, a sunset setting, all these tropical vibes will become an attractive background for your wedding reception in Bali. If you are into a tropical wedding, then choose a Bali wedding venue that could turn your dream wedding into reality.

4.  It’s Holiday Time!

You know that the island is an infamous tourism spot that attracts both local and international tourists. That means you do not only invite your guests to attend your wedding, but also offer them their holiday time! While celebrating the wedding, they can explore the beauty of the Island of Gods afterward. Remember, you’re not the only one who gets excited over celebrating the wedding in Bali, your guests will also make the most of it too!

The reasons above are enough to explain why you hold a wedding reception in Bali. But before you go ahead and select a Bali wedding venue, better consider these things first:
  • Do research; it’s the start of everything. Research the best Bali wedding venues that can accommodate you and your partner’s taste in a wedding. Conducting a research will also narrow down your options since there are many wedding spots to select in the island.
  • Make a list of all the venue options: after conducting the research, jot down the options of the best Bali wedding venues you could find. At least, the list will be a great assistance before you decide which one to choose of those many options.
  • Consider the Pros and Cons; based on your list, make a comparison of all the pros and cons of those venues. This step will ultimately lead you to the right Bali wedding venue that matches the taste of the bride and groom to-be.

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