5 Best Tips in Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

5 Best Tips in Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

Before the wedding day, you must have prepared wedding essentials, from the dresses, suits, decorations, flowers, buffet, and cake. There is also one essential that you cannot skip; a wedding venue. Probably you have chosen the venue to host your dream wedding, like wedding venue Puri Mansion, wedding venue Sentraland, and wedding venue Festival Citylink.
All of them are under HARRIS Hotels. But, before you go with your choice, you probably mull over about what considers the best venue for a wedding. The following five tips could explain that to you:


1.  Suit Your Personalities and Concept

Your venue would set the tone you want to adopt in the wedding. Therefore, it is a must to ensure the wedding venue will suit your personalities and concept. At least, you have a general theme in mind before you decide which venue you will have for the wedding.
Are you going with a modern wedding or a more natural concept? Do you want an indoor or outdoor venue? In short, choose a venue that aligns with your personality as a couple and reflect your vision of a dream wedding.


2.  Fit Into Your Budget

You must be disappointed to see a perfect wedding venue only to find out it does not fit into your budget. Hence, before hunting for a wedding venue, you should think about the wedding budget. Consider how much you are willing to spend on the celebration, then think about how much you are going to allocate specifically for the venue.
Some venues may charge you with extra services while others may include extra services in their overall price quote. Most of the time, the budget will be the main indicator in choosing a wedding venue, so choose it wisely in accordance with your budget.


3.  Location

Deciding the location for the wedding celebration will actually narrow down your option in choosing the venue. Find out the availability of accommodation, how far your guests are willing to travel and the overall cost they have to spend on the journey. Just keep in mind, if you choose a more remote location, the selection for the venue is more limited. Thus make sure you carefully decide where you want to hold the wedding and which venue is available in the area.


4.  Availability and Flexibility

Once you have decided the date for the wedding, immediately look for a wedding venue that will be available on that date. The earlier you seek for the venue, the higher your chance to get an empty slot for the venue. Even though the date is more flexible, starting ahead for the hunt is still advisable. Not to mention, you will have more options as you can pick the date that is in line with the wedding venue’s availability.


5.  Facility and Services

Learn about the venue’s facility and services before you choose one. Do you need to pay extra for additional services or is it included in their overall price quote? How about the staffing standards, the wedding buffet, parking options, and accommodation. Are there any indoor and outdoor options? Start learning about those facilities and services, then select one that you get a vibe from.
The right venue will help you realize your dream wedding. And to save your time and narrow down the option, why not celebrate your wedding in HARRIS Hotels’ wedding venues such as the wedding venue Puri Mansion in West Jakarta, the wedding venue Sentraland in Semarang, the wedding venue Festival Citylink in Bandung, etc. Wherever you are, HARRIS Hotels’ wedding venue will answer to your vision of an ideal wedding.