Best Tips to Choose The Best Meeting Venue
5 Best Tips to Choose The Best Meeting Venue

Planning a well-organized meeting or conference might be a hassle especially when you have no idea what venue you should choose from so many available options. Not only that, you also have to consider other stuff such as facilities, catering or transportation. To fulfill these basic requirements, these places are commonly relied on:
  • Hotel

Regardless of the scale of your meeting, choosing a hotel with meeting room facilities is quite common these days. From seating arrangement, refreshment, catering, internet connection, and other included features, almost everything is available to provide a comfortable meeting atmosphere.
  • Restaurant

If you want to combine a comfortable meeting with a fine dining experience, a restaurant could be the perfect meeting room option. It’s even easier to set up a meeting venue in a restaurant as the place has come with larger spaces specified for conferences or other events.
  • Café

Different from the above options, a café could be an ideal meeting venue for a more cozy and semi-formal to informal meeting atmosphere. Many cafes offer spaces for a meeting room intact with other facilities to cater to your conference needs.
You may consider these three options for a meeting venue. However, you are required to not only choose the venue, but also what it could offer to meet your expectation. Choosing a meeting room can be a daunting task, but with these five tips, you have the advantage to narrow down your list:


1.  Location

When choosing the meeting room, one key factor you have to consider is the location. Avoid a venue that is difficult to access by meeting attendees.  Instead, go with a venue that is reachable even by public transportation such as bus and taxi. Consider a venue with close parking facilities for attendees arriving by car.


2.  Facilities

Meeting room venues often come with package deals that allow you to choose which facilities you need during the duration of the conference. The deals usually include plasma screens, refreshment, access to Wi-Fi, and even meals. There’s also a package that offers accommodation for attendees travelling from afar.

3.  Pricing

Another influential factor to choose a meeting room venue is the price. Yes, you want to impress the attendees, but it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. At the same time, avoid the cheapest options if the offered facilities and services are compromised. Therefore, to save more budget, refrain from signing a permanent lease of a conference room that you won’t often use.

4.  Flexibility

You won’t lease the meeting room for a long period of time so flexibility is the key. Fortunately there are venues that offer flexible options according to your expectation and needs. If you rent a meeting venue that offers such flexibility, you’ll be satisfied and won’t mind using the same service for the long run.

5.  Visit Before Booking

To ensure the meeting room is as expected and looks great online too, you should check the location in-person. Ask the provider for a tour around the space and examine the facilities before making a deal. Also, pay attention to how the staff treats the guests as another consideration.
To have a successful and productive meeting, it’s important to choose a meeting room venue that will cater to your and attendees’ needs. Therefore, you should bear the above tips in mind before making the decision. Or, to make it even easier, why not try a meeting venue at HARRIS Hotels? With varying room capacities and complete facilities available to choose, you will get the best meeting experience you could ask for.