Run an Effective Meeting with These 4 Tips

Run an Effective Meeting with These 4 Tips

Sometimes motivating team members to participate in a meeting could be challenging. On top of that, getting the members together in the same room is equally difficult. The truth is the majority of team members would prefer working on their projects to sit in a meeting. This dislike could occur if the meeting is mismanaged, time wastage, or disorganized. That being the case, running an effective meeting seems like an uneasy task to handle.
Regardless of the challenge, a meeting is important in order to help a business improve. Holding a meeting regularly is actually not enough. Your task also includes running effective meetings for more productive work. Keep in mind that an effective meeting will encourage your team members’ participation. With these four tips, organizing a meeting that is effective will be much easier:

1.  Plan in Advance

If you want an effective meeting, then you have to make equally effective planning. Without the plan, the meeting will surely end up disorganized. Thus, determine the goal or purpose of the meeting. Basically, a meeting is a great chance to address conflicts and challenges as well as to solve a problem, but still you need a thorough plan first. Next time you schedule a meeting, ask some questions like; what is the goal? What do you want to address? How long will the meeting last?


2.  Set an Agenda

This is also a part of your planning process. Once you have the plan, establish the structure through a clear agenda. A simple list of addressed topics and description will do. Keep in mind to include the duration in each topic. In your agenda, also make room for Q&A sessions and open discussion. Set an agenda might sound simple, but it will help you design an effective meeting.

3.  Engaging

Effective meetings will keep attendees engaged. In this case, you have to make sure that everyone in the room has 100% focus on you. So let them know if they have more pressing projects to handle, they can leave the room and catch up with the meeting results later on. Only then you will have more engaged attendees. Also, make the meeting more engaging by asking the attendees for feedback. Their feedback can help improve the format and structure of your next meetings as well.

4.  Use Time Wisely

No one wants their time wasted let alone in ineffective meetings. So to respect the attendees’ times, streamline the meeting and start with the meeting objectives. Follow everything that you have set on your agenda and share the information you wish the attendees to know. Use your agenda as your time guide to make an effective meeting. There’s also another thing you have to bear in mind, that is to start the meeting on time in order to avoid time wastage.
An effective meeting will lead to effective and productive work. That’s why plan everything thoroughly and respect the times. Another thing you have to consider is choosing the right meeting room to accommodate what you need. If you plan on having a meeting outside the workplace, choose an accommodation that offers what you expect. For a good reference, HARRIS Hotels offers meeting venues in various sizes and equipped with facilities that can accommodate your meeting needs.