How Long Is a Wedding Reception Should Be?

How Long Is a Wedding Reception Should Be?

A wedding reception is a common tradition in a wedding celebration. Most people think the reception is the main event and takes an important part to complete the overall scope of a wedding. When it comes to celebrating this big day, the reception should be your main focus with thorough planning.
Every detail must be taken into consideration including how long it should take. Remember, the longer you hold the reception, the higher you will be charged. Therefore, the reception’s length must be included into your plan.
To help you determine the length of the wedding reception, you might want to consider the following breakdown of a standard wedding reception. The breakdown includes the main events of the reception such as the introductions and all the way to the after-party.


1.  The Introductions

On average, the introductions should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes of your wedding reception. The timeline includes the first dance. Although you can also have fun in this session, the introductions are all about you and your spouse so keep it as classic as possible.
Yes, it’s your bridal party, but don’t get too carried away so the session won’t eat so much time. A simple moment of hearing your names declared as a married couple will surely give you the joy for the rest of the night, and hopefully the lifetime.

2.  The Dinner Service

This will be the largest block of time in your wedding reception’s timeline. The dinner service usually takes one to two hours as it not only involves eating but also speeches and socializing. While the cuisine will be the centerpiece of the session, there are also other crucial parts such as toasts and speeches from the maid of honor, best man, and the bride’s father.

3.  The Have Fun Session

When the speeches and dinner service have ended, let’s move to another fun stuff of your wedding reception. This is where the dance floor will be opened for the invitees. Here you could have the ceremonial dances between the father and the daughter dance as well as the mother and the son dance. You could also encourage the invitees to hit the dance floor. All in all, the fun stuff will last one to two and a half hours.

4.  The After Party

The wedding venues usually have zoning restrictions and mostly the curfew is around 10 p.m. For some couples, that’s probably too early to end the party, so why not have the after party outside your wedding reception?
Many wedding venues also provide the after party service, but if what you have chosen doesn’t offer one, you might have another alternative that could accommodate you and the invitees.
However, if you decide to have the after party, again don’t get too carried away and better save the energy to spend your wedding night with your spouse. End the party once the clock strikes 12 am or earlier than that.
Overall, your wedding reception should take no more than five to six hours. Remember you have to take into account the venue cost and other services you would be charged if the reception takes more than expected hours.
Regardless of your bridal party length, you have to select the wedding venue that can accommodate your wish to have an elegant wedding reception. Easy, just check HARRIS Hotels wedding venues that will help you to realize the best moment in your life.